Dorothy’s 90th Birthday

Dorothy Roll was born on February 29, 1924 in Pittsburgh, PA.  A wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend, this website is a tribute to her life.  Happy 90th Dot!

Dorothy’s Video

Dorothy’s Photo Gallery

Present Day Photos
Present Day Photos
Classic Photos
Classic Photos
90th Birthday Photos
(Courtesy of Randy Roll)

3 thoughts on “Dorothy’s 90th Birthday

  1. Hi everyone! I had a great time making this video about Gram/Dorothy’s life. I hope you’ll enjoy it again on this website, along with select photos from the slideshow.

    Please add your comments to this website using the box below to wish Dorothy a very Happy 90th Birthday!

    - Chris H.

  2. I love watching this video! Great job Chris! It was so nice to celebrates Gram’s birthday with the family.
    -Heather S.

  3. Just watched this video for the 10th time! Love the narration along with all the pics & video. We are truly blessed to have such a great family. Thanks Chris for creating a video that truly takes you in when watching it. Love, mom

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